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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Muscle Man Marc

A few time ago I had asked you to vote for my headers new look. My box man got bored of his suit and wanted a little change. According to your votes, his new look would have to be inspired by Marc Jacobs. So me and Moure, who has also designed my blogs header, started working for his transformation. The result came out really good but I had second thoughts on whether I should use it as a header or not. 

You may be wondering why I chose this day to show you his new look. The reason is because I came across this collaboration of Marc Jacobs with South Park and it really reminded me of it. Everyone, meet the Muscle Man Marc Doll.

After appearing in a South Park episode entitled ‘1%’,  last November, Mark has decided to continue his collaboration with the South Park team by producing a limited edition real-life doll in the likeness of his character on the show. The Limited edition doll costs $125 USD and is available at Marc Jacobs stores nationwide and throughout Europe, as well as online.
Victoria Beckham seemed to be enjoying her new doll writing, "Getting ready for a night out with my date ‪#musclemanmarc‬."

This is not the first time the designer works with South Park since he had launched a line of T-shirts with the characters of the show. All proceeds from the sale of this T-Shirt will be donated to NYU Skin Cancer Institute.


  1. Katapliktiko to neo sou header! Sygxaritiria ston Moure kai se sena gia tin katapliktiiki idea kai ektelesi kai se mas pou psifisame Marc! Kouklaki!

    1. Thank you sweetie! Akoma den exw apofasisei an 8a ton vale gia header, alla opws kai na xei xairomai pou sou aresei!
      Filakia polla Olga mou!

  2. Mou arese para poli etsi opws kanate ton Marc gia to neo sou header...Kai giati oxi? na ton valeis!
    Einai poli kaliteros apo ton Muscle Man Marc pantws! :)

    1. Les? Xairomai para poly pou sou arese!
      Filakia polla M mou!

  3. mou aresei para polu etsi opws to kanate!
    checkare ama theleis to neo mou DIY!

  4. Μου άρεσε απίστευτα έτσι όπως το κάνατε :) Μπράβο σας!!

  5. Einai apithano!!!Pio wraio k apo to kouklaki tous!!

  6. To Header sou einai eksairetiko!eilikrina kaneis ekplhktikh douleia!
    den xreiazetai na exei deuteres skepseis..nomizw!
    kalo kai to kouklaki tou jacobs alla to diko sou einai polu pio omorfo!eilikrina!ha!
    polla filia sweetie!


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