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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Trend Alert - Culotte

Even if you have nothing to do with fashion and trends, I am sure you have noticed that this Fall/Winter culottes are everywhere. What are culottes you may wonder?They are something like cropped palazzo pants that look like skirts...Confused? Let's take things from the beginning:
Culottes is a word that originated in the French language. Historically, "culottes" referred to the knee-breeches commonly worn by gentlemen of the European upper-classes from the late Middle Ages or Renaissance through the early nineteenth century. 
During the Victorian Era (mid- to late-nineteenth century) long split skirts were developed for horseback riding so that women could sit astride a man's saddle rather than riding side-saddle. The term "culottes" was co-opted from the original French definition of the word to describe these split riding skirts. Later, split skirts were developed to provide women more freedom to do activities such as gardening, cleaning, bike riding, etc. and still look like one is wearing a skirt.
In women's fashion industry Culottes describe a split or divided skirt or any garment which "hangs like a skirt, but is actually pants."

Ok now that we have seen what culottes are, I think it is high time we learned how to wear them.

Black culottes

Cullotes are perfect for women with pear-shaped body as they can emphasise their waist and "hide" their hips. To achieve this, wear your top inside your culotte and prefer high heeled pumps that will make your legs look taller and your figure slimmer.
The black leather culotte is probably the trendiest piece of this Winter) and the white one is the best way to wear white pants on Winter.

Black and leather culottes

Although you may think that culottes should only be worn with something straight and tight on top, that is not necessarily true. After all there are no rules in fashion. Try an oversized sweater or even a cocoon coat and you got the look.

White culottes

Except from black and white, culottes come in a variety of colors. Khaki and burgundy are two amazing ideas and can be worn with a big variety of options. For girly looks try powder pink and fuchsia but avoid tops in matching colors. Grey, white and jeans would make a perfect combination.

 Color culottes

  Pink culottes

I have handpicked the most beautiful culottes for you and of course in the best prices. Just follow the links and make them yours.

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