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Tuesday, February 18, 2014


The marble print skirt is one of the first things I bought during sales season! Loved its shape and legth from the first time I saw it. Here I matched it with a black sweater with lace details also from ZARA and over the knee boots from Sante. The pearl necklace is also from ZARA and the bag is from helenart bags. Find more styles on her fb page here and on jamjar.

Stay tuned on because a great GIVEAWAY and interview from Helenart bags is on the way!
Until then, I am looking forward to reading your comments on my look!


  1. πουλοβεράκι και κολιέ μ'αρέσουν πολυ! φιλιά!

  2. Wow perfect outfit! love your boots and necklace


  3. Gorgeous look! In love with your over-the-knee boots and your bag!
    It's been a while since we last talked. I hope you're great! :)


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