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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What to Wear - 20131105

The Céline skate shoe is the reason skate shoes are in fashion at all. With a pure white thick sole that's a little thicker than your normal skate shoe, it is the perfect utilitarian punctuation mark to a pair of very slightly baggy tailored trousers or an above the ankle A-line dress or skirt. On top of your trousers or skirt try a high collar top and a short jacket. A cap with a logo is perfect to complete your look.

ZARA short double breasted jacket here
ZARA mermaid skirt here
ZARA high collar studio top here
Boy London snapback black cap here
Chanel black purse
Celine plaid skate shoe


  1. This outfits looks uber-cool and fresh! You are absolutely right about these Celine plaid sneakers, they are amazing by the way!

    Many kisses
    Angelina -

  2. Loving this look! It is so different and that skirt it gorgeous. The cap makes it so sport-luxe, I definitely need to try it out!

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