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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Marni for H&M - Sneak Peek

Ever since I first heard about Marni collaborating with H&M I really wanted to see more than the first pictures they gave to publicity. Thanks to Russian Vogue's editorial we can have a small taste of what is we are about to see in March 8, when the collection will be available in stores.

It so worth waiting! The oversized dots and the patterns are amazing! From the first sight I think that this collaboration is going to be legendary and just as good as the collaboration with Lanvin. Marni did pay lot of attention to detail giving us an inspired collection which doesn't lack in inspiration and quality.

I fell for the silver pumps and the accessories! I really look forward for March to come!


  1. Not a huge fan of the collection but I did like the shoes and the accessories!

    Call me M @ Do You Speak Gossip?

  2. Wonderful! Carolina

  3. PANEMORFA*anupomonoume*love & kisses koukla*

  4. Sigoura mia poli kali sunergasia. Can't wait..

  5. I am so excited!!! I am interested to see it in person- sometimes H&M stuff photographs well and then is underwhelming in the store! we'll see!!!!


    1. That is true. Sometimes the textiles are not so good when you see them in person.

  6. eeeek I'm so excited thanks for sharing! I'm booking the day off work! I want that fab necklace (first pic) and a spotty coat. Although the orange vinyl tee is pretty cool as are the chunky bracelets. I hope the prices are too high.

    Sophie x

  7. oh i have not seen this .... can't wait. thx for sharing!

    come visit me-

  8. russian vogue turns to be really strong to exclusivities!

  9. Ooooh Im loving this collaboration so so much! Cant wait for it to hit stores already <3

    E- blue velvet


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