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Monday, January 9, 2012

Karl Sphere

I'm sure you all know about the collaboration between Karl Lngerfeld and Sephora. I had the chance to visit a Sephora store just a couple of days ago and I purchased this amazing Karl Langerfeld Snow Globe. Here are some shots I took to show you.

Surrounding his mini-silhouette in gold flakes, this Christmas snow globe is as decadent as it is decorative.
Inscribed on the snow globe is the French phrase, “My biggest luxury is to not have to justify myself to anyone.”
Created specifically for Sephora, who happened to name Lagerfeld Designer of the Year, the Karl Lagerfeld Snow Globe accompanies a Karl-approved Capsule Collection of color cosmetics including nail polishes and eye shadows.

The collection is available only in Europe and Singapore.


  1. Such interesting packaging. Love its uniqueness.

    Girlie Blog

  2. Ooooh love it!

  3. ...It's great...I hadn't heard about it till now...!...Thank you!
    …All in Style…!

  4. i simply love the snow globe.... ;)

    i found your blog and i simply love it, i'm your follower...


  5. aww I wish it was availble in the us! it's so cute!!

  6. amazing!! I love that snowglobe a lot

  7. Karl loves collaborations.....
    the globe is beautiful, too bad we don't get to see it in this side of the world.

  8. It's beautiful and kind of funny too with this little figure of Karl Lagerfeld.
    Have a wonderful day,

  9. Love the collection. It seems such a sweet idea!

    Am your new follower now.

  10. amazing!i wanted to take it too!hope it is still available!lots of kisses!

  11. wow, I dream about this bowl with Lagerfeld;P but it's so expensive;/

  12. I love these! the snow globe is my favorite. Wish we could get it in NY.

  13. Θα διαλλεξω την σφαιρα!

  14. Poly kali syllogi, den ta exw dei katholou apo konta na dw k pws einai apo thema timis alla poly tha ithela na eixa kati apo auta!
    Filia polla<3

  15. Oι τιμές είναι σχετικά καλές. Η σφαίρα για παράδειγμα κοστίζει 25 ευρώ και δεν είχε έκπτωση, ενώ όλα τα υπόλοιπα κομμάτια της συλλογής είχαν και έπκτωση. Η παλέτα σκιών για παράδειγμα, αν θυμάμαι καλά έχει αρχική τιμή 35 ευρώ.

    P.S. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments <3

  16. Inscribed on the snow globe is the French phrase, “My biggest luxury is to not have to justify myself to anyone.” ...


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